What's the difference between a coach and a consultant?

"Consulting is more about a task, coaching is more about you as an individual..."

Why have you focused your career on leadership and leadership development?

Why do leaders fail-or fail to realize their potential?

"The number of ways to fail is essentially infinite. Thats one of the reasons we focus on success..."

Talent Unleashed
Unleashing that unlimited store of potential in people
Shawn Moon, Todd Davis, Michael Simpson, A. Roger Merrill
A. Roger Merrill is a co-author of Talent Unleashed-3 Leadership Conversations to Ignite the Unlimited Potential in People. This book teaches the core principles, framework, and process that enable leaders to release the talent, intelligence, capability, and creativity in people, inspiring leaders, and teams to create a culture rich in trust, clarity, and empowerment. The authors share collective knowledge gained from working with thousands of corporate leaders in industries that span the global workforce.


  There's no one I trust more than Roger Merrill. His immense credibility gives him great courage, judgment and influence. He is that rare individual who is able to balance profound wisdom and insight with intensely practical application. I have benefitted enormously from his advice over many years.

Stephen M. R. Covey
author of The New York Times and # 1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Speed of Trust